Mr.Faisal Muhammad

Mr.Faisal Muhammad was born in Karachi in 1962 ,his parents belonged to an elite political family of Hyderabad Deccan (India). Faisal Muhammad was very keen in politics from his early youth due to his background. He remain a prominent and outspoken student leader among the ranks of Muslim student Federation (MSF). In 1984 Mr Faisal was nominated as joint Secretary in the central body of Pakistan Muslim League.


Along with the national politics Mr Faisal Muhammad's efforts and research work regarding the Human rights in the third world countries are appreciable. Due to his efforts Mr Faisal Muhammad was elected the "Chairman World Peace Mission" in 1990. He has God gifted qualities to understand the international and Geo-political affairs and to make them settle also.Mr Faisal Muhammad has the honour to get the "Best Diplomat Asia"award also in 1992 , he left (PML) due to an ethnic bias based operation against Urdu speaking people by the then Muslim League government, Faisal Muhammad was also charged for a high treason case when he started a movement for a separate province in Sindh Urban areas for the Urdu speaking people.

From 1995 to 1998 Mr Faisal Muhammad performed Honorary Diplomatic service. In 2000 Faisal Muhammad launched the first Muslim think tank "Osman & Osman" for the coordination in Muslim World, He also introduce the (MATO) "Mecca Alliance Treaty Organisation" like NATO (Joint Defence Council of Muslim Stats seems like Syria, Iran packet) His idea behind this organisation was that the siege of Iraq and Afghanistan like issues should not be repeated.

Faisal Muhammad is also pioneer of "Mediation in International issues"and "Inter faith harmony" projects to bring together the different civilizations of the world, and bring peace and tolerance among them for each other. Faisal Muhammad has done a lot for the European prisoners and detainees across the world specially in part of non EU stats on humanitarian basis also.Now a days Mr Faisal Muhammad is working for the global peace, human right and inter faith harmony as well as a mediator through "Observer Islamic Countries". (An Diplomatic Observing Think Tank Association). Observer Islamic Countries" intends to achieve its goals to highlight positive steps of both side, Muslim and Non Muslims stats, which is very help full for people of different faiths come together for better mutual understanding. In deed Mr Faisal Muhammad is a great asset for the mankind irrespective of their caste, colour religion, faith and region, he has earned much respect and honour for his such noble services for the mankind.